Acquiring a theory of knowledge concerning some of life's many mysteries becomes essential when having to deal with the complexities of education imposed by today's university system. This WebQuest will introduce you to the subject of critical thinking and will place an emphasis on objectivity more than subjectivity; that is to say, prepare to be challenged on thought rather than feeling. Having an understanding of critical issues will have a profound effect on your schoolwork, your efforts in your career, your contributions to community life, and most importantly: your conduct of personal affairs will all depend on your ability to solve problems and make decisions. As you proceed through this guided lesson, you will acquire the various skills used in addressing problems and issues. You will find yourself identifying and overcoming your personal intellectual weaknesses while becoming better at becoming more observant, clarifying issues, conducting inquiry, evaluating evidence, analyzing other people's views, and making sound judgments.

In the final analysis, you will walk away with foundational thinking on four of today's complex, controversial issues. Reasoning will highlight this activity by providing a structured opportunity for you to develop your thinking processes in a progressive, reflective way. In this way, your interrelationship of ideas will foster your personal development as a mature, responsible critical thinker.

The general attitude toward thinking has changed considerably over the years. The challenges of today demand minds that can move beyond feelings to clear, impartial, critical problem solving and decision making. LIFE'S BIG QUESTIONS: VOL. III addresses this concern and allows its participants to engage in a strategy with four contemporary issues to appraise the evidence and distinguish between the reasonable and the unreasonable.