In order to help reduce the dropout rate in the state of Florida, former Governor, Jeb Bush passed a law requiring all students entering high school in the 2007-08 school year to choose a major area of interest, The rationale behind choosing a 'major' is to provide specialized knowledge in a subject area of their choice, in order to better prepare them for college--or simply to motivate them toward a career beyond high school.

To that end, Charles W. Flanagan High School approved a list of 130 majors. Once students choose their major, they must complete four elective courses in that area. Unlike college, students at Flanagan High are not locked into this major. Instead, they may explore options and change their area of interest each year.

Although there is limited research to indicate whether majors actually help retain students, most believe that students drop out because of lack of interest in their classes. Using this new ideology, educators believe that by concentrating on a major area of interest, the students will enhance their abilities in that area. This will engage the students in school work and encourage them to focus on future careers.

The following members of the Medical/Biological Services Academy are dedicated to assist you and are at your service:

Ralph A. Bucci- Language Arts (Academy Leader)
Maureen P. Lue- Administrator
Christina Castellanos- Guidance

Sandra A. Carrion- World Languages Department Chairperson
Devon V. Deroux- Mathematics- Algebra II
Shawn Donelson- Social Studies- World Government Honors
Susan L. Gladstein- Science- AP Biology
Vicki S. Helms- Language Arts- English III Honors
Kimberly Jacobson-Golden - Unique Skills(For ESE Students)
Sandra I. Krutchik- Science- Anatomy and Physiology Honors
Brian L. Lynn- Social Studies- AP American History
Dawn M. Ostendorf- Language Arts- English IV Honors
Erin B. Pashley- Health and Pathfinder
Laurence D. Pennell- Science- AP Chemistry
Sheldon Rabin- Science- Chemistry I Gifted
Greg Samuel- Basketball and Team Sports
Donald Simon- Head Football Coach
Marsha C. Smith- Support Facilitation
Anne Tei- HOSA Senior Practicum
Scott E. Wolniewicz- Mathematics- Algebra II
Robert Zeller- Language Arts- AP English Lit 12

The Medical/Biological Services Academy is comprised of the following Advisory Board:

Administrator- Maureen Lue, Ed.D.
Guidance Counselor- To Be Filled
Academy Leader- Ralph A. Bucci
Business Partner- Beth Olafson, Memorial West
Business Partner- Andrew Strauss,MPT Cora Rehabilitation Clinics
Community Member-
University Partner- Carl Cramer, Barry University
University Partner- Pegge L. Bell, Ph.D, R.N., APN Barry University
University Partner- Linda K. Perkel, Ph.D., R.N., Barry University
University Partner- Nancy Whitehead, Nova Southeastern University
Teacher Leader- Anne Tei, HOSA Coordinator
Parent Leader-
Student Leader- Dianne Barrett, HOSA President
Data Specialist-


This WebQuest is organized into six compartmentalized segments. By completing this WebQuest, you should achieve the following goals: 1) develop an interest in the COURSE OFFERINGS of the MEDICAL/BIOLOGICAL SERVICES ACADEMY; 2) use the power of the Internet for advanced exploration to help you with your CAREER PLANNING; 3) learn information about key aspects of the MEDICAL/BIOLOGICAL SERVICES ACADEMY to help you with your HIGH SCHOOL PLANNING; 4) realize that complex topics can be looked at from various perspectives to help you decide a major for COLLEGE OR CAREER TECHNICAL PLANNING; 5) gain valuable information for FINANCIAL AID, and work with your parents to determine a combined action plan for ADMISSION to a college or technical school. 6) a BEST PRACTICES site that includes lesson plans from members of the MEDICAL/BIOLOGICAL SERVICES ACADEMY at Charles W. Flanagan High School.


You will be working together as a group exploring web sites that this academy has selected. You should start with the pages that are labelled 'Background Information'.

Phase 1 - Background Information
These sites are important because they will provide basic information about the topic as a whole. Both student and parents should explore these sites before starting your Task.

Phase 2 - Roles
These six areas were chosen because they each define the most important elements of MEDICAL/BIOLOGICAL SERVICES ACADEMY as it applies to choosing and declaring a major. This WebQuest begins by examining the fifteen course offerings. Choose one as your major path of study for your four years at Charles W. Flanagan High School.


Read through the course offerings. You can print out pages and underline the parts that you feel are important.


Now that you and your parents have decided on a major course offering, continue with CAREER PLANNING.


Use these links about CAREER PLANNING.


Use these links to about HIGH SCHOOL PLANNING.




Use these links about FINANCIAL AID and ADMISSIONS for post-graduate studies.


Use these links to access the BEST PRACTICES from the members of the Medical/Biological Services Academy at Charles W. Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Phase 3 - Reaching Consensus


It's the same for understanding a topic as broad or complex as MEDICAL/BIOLOGICAL SERVICES ACADEMY: when you only know part of the picture, you only know part of the picture. Now you all know a lot more. Nice work. You should be proud of yourselves! How can you use what you've learned to see beyond the black and white of a topic and into the grayer areas? What other parts of MEDICAL/BIOLOGICAL SERVICES ACADEMY could still be explored? Remember, learning never stops.